Copenhagen, Denmark

Time Spent:

5 days


Copenhagen was where I really felt like I started my Europe Trip. The feeling that my journey had begun really hit me when I met my friend getting off the metro station. The streets, the weather, the people around was everything I had imagined it to be like in my head and better. Perhaps it was all the excitement or really the case – nevertheless, I soaked it all in.

At this point I must warn the reader – I didn’t do a “lot” in Copenhagen, so if you’re here for travel tips skim down to the very bottom of the page. Copenhagen was my first proper stop and a break from the crazy few weeks I had prior to my trip so I really took the time to relax, get rested, hang out with my friend and do some planning for the rest of the journey.

I did create a short video of some of the places I went to. I wish I had done a bit of video editing before my trip because almost half of my footage until I edited my first video is going to be useless. More on this in another blog post..

Fun Fact:

Copenhagen is also written in Danish as København (yea, not so fun fact? – like i said I did a lot of resting and sleeping here less fun fact learning)

Sights I saw:


Food & Drinks

Language & Culture:


Phrases & Words I learnt:



Danish Krone



Tips for Travelers:

The Good:
  • Was fairly easy to get around using public transport
The Bad:
  • N/A


Final Thoughts:

I am definitely going back to Copenhagen. Next time I go I’ll probably do a free walking tour if there’s one available and maybe even rent a bike (as long as it’s not too cold). Also on the list – Smørrebrød. Especially after it was featured in this Lonely planet list of top food experiences around the world.


Copenhagen Streets
One of my favorite shots of Copenhagen