I’ve been asking myself this question quite a lot over the past few days. I’ve been asking myself this mainly because I’ve procrastinated writing about my travels. I half-wrote one post the first week and then didn’t touch it till almost a month later. I’ve been feeling guilty about how far behind I am on writing so I figured writing about it could help get me into the mood to write (type?) and perhaps re-affirm the reasons I wanted to do this. Bonus? Maybe one of you reading this actually cares to know!

So here goes:

  • I’ve been wanting to put my thoughts out there in a blog format for many years now. I’ve brushed it aside many times because I wanted to write about a variety of topics and did not really know where to start. Setting a temporary focus for my blog (travel) is helping me kickstart and set my website up for the grand plan I have.
  • A website seemed like the best medium for me to share my travels with friends and family. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to communicate as much as I wanted through social media. In many ways it felt restrictive and even though I’ve only written one post, I can say I’m glad I chose to share my travels via a webpage.
  • One may ask, why share at all? Why not just enjoy those experiences and leave it at that. Well, I have had so many wonderful, meaningful and interesting conversations with people when I have been able to show them pictures and share the stories of the places I’ve visited. I may not always remember the highlights of the places I visited but I could use this as a reference the next time I need to.
  • A well written post about my experiences in a new city almost feels like a souvenir from there.
  • I’ve always enjoyed providing easy to use travel recommendations for people and what better way to do it than a website?
  • I (obviously) really care about travel and believe everyone should travel to new places often if they have the means. I love learning about new cultures, traditions and ways of life. I’m hoping writing about my travels will inspire more people to travel to those places and this in turn will make the world a little smaller and perhaps more understanding (yes i know this is corny).
  • A few people asked that I blog and share my travels and being almost 3 months behind makes me feel guilty!
  • Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t give up on the missions I set for myself. Even though this task is 100% self-imposed, I set it for myself and now I must follow through.